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/Our wines/ Inni mér syngur vitleysingur

Madness and freedom in a bottle. Equal parts Sigur Rós and Jean-Michel Stephan. Delicious wine with vibrating fruit, pure acidity and visible markers of northern Rhône. 100% spontaneously fermented, no sulphur added. Label by local artist Mikel Nilsson.

Product info


Johan Verrier




100% Syrah

Alc. by vol



100% whole bunch, spontaneously fermented, aged for 10 months in a two year old barrel. Nothing added, nothing removed.


August 2023


294 bottles

When to drink

When you feel you're worth it

About this wine

Our Syrah is grown on the beautiful hills of Saint-Joseph in France’s Northern Rhône, specifically the vineyards of La Madone, Morzelas, Brive, La Côte and Chatre in the municipality of Malleval in the north of the region. The vineyards are managed conventionally with some spraying during planting and during the growing season. Insecticides and herbicides are not used. Johan Verrier is the grower and La Madone, Morzelas & Brive was planted some 45 years ago and La Côte 20 years ago by his grandfather. Chatre is the youngest of the vineyards, and was planted by Johan himself 6 to 68years ago when he caught the 0.4-hectare little piece of land in a steep south end north of the village of Malleval.